Woman accused of murder, kidnapping baby was living in US ...

WICHITA, Kansas —

A Dallas woman accused of killing an acquaintance in Kansas and then stealing her baby has been deemed competent to stand trial.

Yesenia Sesmas is accused of fatally shooting Laura Abarca-Nogueda in late 2016, and then taking her six-day-old baby Sophia.

Sesmas allegedly told police in Dallas she had a miscarriage, and never told anyone she lost the baby, KWCH-TX reports.

Prosecutors said Sesmas allegedly planned to flee to Mexico to raise Abarca-Nogueda’s baby as her own with her boyfriend.

In a jailhouse interview in 2016, Sesmas told a Spanish TV station that the victim had agreed to turn over her newborn daughter, but backed out of the deal at the last moment.

According to the report by KUVN-TV in Dallas, Sesmas admitted to killing Abarca-Nogueda but said she did not mean to. She said she threatened the victim with a gun when it accidentally discharged.

Wichita police said Sesmas was a longtime acquaintance of the 27-year-old mother, and had spent some time in Wichita before returning to Texas.

The baby was reunited with family members after a search by police and 25 FBI agents working the case.

Suspect: Victim reneged on deal to give her baby

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